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Data Science Engineer at Zelis
July 2022 - Present
  • Develop production Spark jobs for creating data outputs at scale
  • Develop production data operations with the integration of Spark and Airflow
  • Write python scripts to automate common data tasks
  • Automate infrastructure and repo-related items with terraform and Github Actions
  • Develop database schemas in postgres
  • Perform ad hoc data analysis using Jupyter, DuckDB and Polars
Software Engineer at Zelis
August 2021 - July 2022
  • Develop automation jobs, ETL jobs and data pipelines in Airflow
  • Help maintain or develop new features in existing python flask apps
  • Developed REST API using flask and connexion
Senior Data Analyst at CH Robinson
January 2014 - August 2021
  • Develop BI apps using frameworks like Flask, Streamlit, R Shiny and Plotly
  • Create dashboards using tools like SSRS and Power BI
  • Use simple modeling techniques like regression to get insights
  • Use Jupyter notebooks for data analysis and visualizations
  • Write complex queries in MS SQL Server, Hadoop/Hive and Postgres
  • Develop data pipelines using python and Airflow
  • General
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Linux Scripting
  • Data
  • Spark
  • SQL (Postgres, MS SQL)
  • Airflow
  • Cloud
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • Terraform for AWS
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Information Technology - B.S.
  • Programming and relational databases focused coursework
University of Oklahoma
Atmopheric Science - B.S.
  • Research student at NSSL and also earned a minor in Mathematics